SRP Quarry (Servareddy palli)

Tan Brown
Tan Brown Granite is extremely hard and dense stone. Formed eons ago, Tan Brown granite resists weather, wear, freeze and thaw. The density of Tan Brown makes it stain, water and mildew resistant. Born of the inner fires of earth, Tan Brown granite is practically unfazed by fire and heat.Tan Brown Granite is a brown porphyry It has a light to dark brown flower structure over a blackish brown base with or without white specks.

Other varieties include Dark Tan and Karim Brown.This stone is used on both interiors and exteriors.The contents of the tan brown granite are color: Black-brown,water absorption: 0.11%-0.15%,hardness: Not Available,Also Called: Chestnut Brown, Chestnut Brown Tan, Copper Antique,Similar Stones: partially Autumn Brown, Cat's Eye, Sapphire Brow