Metpalli Quarry

Dragon Brown
Red Dragon is quarried from a bedrock quarry in the northern regions of Brazil. Structurally, Red Dragon is one of most sound granites on the market in terms of strength and density. Normally, most granites will take up to three to four days to cut a block into slabs. Due to its density, Red Dragon can take up to twice as long. Because of its unique qualities, the slabs are book-matched, in which slab one and slab two will be cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other.

These are then kept in sequence, which allows for a consistent flow in pattern. During the polishing process, an epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the slabs to fill in any natural pits, cracks or fissures that may exist in the stone. This does not affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the slab. It is possible for some of the more minute pits that are too small to effectively hold the resin, to reopen during other finishing stages. However, this will not detract from the overall quality or appearance of the stone..