Cutter Blocks
There is a variety of powered saws used for cutting pavings and pavements in the construction industry. Bench or Table Saws are favoured for cutting large numbers of clay bricks and masonry units on site, and Floor Saws are used to cut control joints or trench edges in concrete, tarmac, and asphalt surfaces, but the most commonly-used tool by far is the hand-held cut-off saw, also known as a Stihl Saw, Skill Saw, Con Saw, Disc Cutter, Whizzer and umpteen other local/regional names. Only this type of saw will be considered in this section. various saws

These tools have become an essential item for most groundworking trades since their introduction 30 or so years ago. Not only are they used to cut paving materials, they are used to cut clayware pipes, bricks, blocks, lintels, kerbs, reinforcing steel, asphalt and just about any other hard material used in the construction industry.