Parakala Quarry

Coffee Brown
Coffee Brown and beige granites are two of the most popular colors of granite countertops. Brown granite is widely available. Similar to beige, brown granite creates a traditional style and ambiance in a kitchen or bath. Coupling with a light finished wood can complete the look.

When they get the granite from the deposits it will be very big, granite deposits are normally very large and it take a lot of work to get the pieces out as big as they can get them. Also when they do get the granite it is in a very rough form, most of the preparation to get it to a finished look is done after it is taken from the earth. When they take the granite from the quarries it will be taken in huge block form, but before it is transported it has to be made into manageable pieces.Modulus of Rupture: 15.4 MPa, Compress Strength: 153.8MPa, Basic Density: 2.64 g/cm3,Chemical Composition: SiO2: 56.11 Al2O3: 18.99 CaO: 4.31 MgO: 1.22 Na2O: 6.68 K2O: 4.94 FeO: 4.78, Water Absorption: 0.29%.