PSR group of companies started in 1996 with small Tanbrown quarry. We had only 12 working employees that time. We used to produce 40 cubic meters per month and also we used to export our products to countries like TAIWAN and ITALY. Eventually we have grown to the peak to the extent of producing 6000 cubic meters per month and our work force has increased to 500 employees. We have achieved this massive growth due to good service to our customers, supplying quality stuff in time and we have our own good mode of transport. We never have had any shortfalls of supply on our stuff due to proper machinery, work force that comprises professional staff and upto standard infrastructure. We always give first priority to our customer preference.PSR granites group of companies is headed by Mr.Sridhar as a managing director and chairman as well.

As at present, we are best and leading mining experts in Andhra Pradesh supplying major percentage (approximately 80%) of our mining is exported to CHINA and the remaining percentage is for domestic supply. Along with tan brown, we are also producing coffee brown, maple red, dragon red. We started with one small quarry and we have extended number of quarries upto eight right now. We have also maintained good relationship ties active and wide range of colours like Galaxy, Safari brown, Vizag blue and black etc.,

We have started constructing a new factory of GANGSAW which we are expecting to finish in March, 2011. We are aiming to increase our mining capacity from the current 6000 cubic meters per month to 10,000 cubic meters per month and we are also focusing on continuous outstanding growth by giving quality services to our valuable customers.